Proven Techniques For Improving Internal Communication In An Organization

Managers spend more than 50 percent of their time sending and receiving communication within an organization. This means there is need to embrace strategies that can help them to enhance efficiency in the communication process. Communication is a vital process that helps an organization to manage its plans and strategies, so in the absence of an efficient technique the organization could miss out on many developmental ideas that could be passed from employees and other subordinates. To ensure there is a streamlined communication process in an organization, below are techniques that managers should put in application.

Make “sticky” information accessible

Every organization keeps a set of internal knowledge, also known as “sticky” information, which all employees can benefit from. Learning how the organization does things for a new employee can take time, so to get a clear picture of its best practices the managers should make available a report of how different processes work. This would help employees understand this information faster by presenting it together with the training programs that prepare them for various roles. It is advisable to create an internal document that can be shared among all employees for purposes of reference making.

Make the vision and mission clear

As a manager, you should also take time to explain the mission and values of the organization. This can be offered together with corporate training as a reminder to employees of what they are expected to engage in. Having a unified team that understands the goals of the organization improves efficiency and ensures employees work with each other more effectively.

Strengthen connections

Additionally, for an organization to thrive there should be a connection between team members, employees and managers. This link ensures there is joint effort in all the activities that take place within the organization and the final result is a harmonized management process that leads to higher levels of productivity. When employees feel their managers consider them an important part of the organization, they will feel connected and exude confidence in all their operations within and outside the organization.

Encourage sharing of information

As an organization that is focused on improving communication, it is advisable to have an online sharing platform where employees, their managers and team leaders can interact on various topics. Employees will show an endeavor to stay connected in this process since it offers them a chance to share information that affects them. As Grace Lever advises, this will create a purpose in the communication process and will make sharing of valuable insights easy across all levels. There are also online management tools that can be used to track the progress of projects, so managers don’t necessarily need to engage teams physically. It saves time and eliminates a lot of paperwork.

Create an open dialogue

In case there are changes made to the organization that could affect future progress and plans, you should keep everyone up-to-date. Allow all employees to share ideas and their feedback to understand what they feel about the changes and how this would affect their moods at the workplace.


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