Marlon Kobacker Reviews Potential Economic Impact of Investment in Renewable Energy

Marlon Kobacker Energy investment 23123When discussing the potential benefits of an investment in renewable energy, most of the emphasis remains on the positive environmental impact of such an investment. According to Marlon Kobacker, there is absolutely nothing wrong with focusing on the environmental benefits of the implementation of renewable energy resources, but such a focus often overlooks the very real and quite significant economic benefit inherent in a substantial investment in sustainability.

This is true on both a micro-level as well as a macro-level, and the latter became increasingly clear when Australia’s Opposition leader stated quite plainly that the country’s manufacturing sector could enjoy quite a financial benefit from a greater focus on the production of renewable energy technologies. According to Bill Shorten, Australia has fallen behind in terms of its willingness to take advantage of renewable energy’s massive growth in recent years, and the Opposition leader cited the fact that while Australia’s economy dropped 2,600 jobs over the past two years, the rest of the world was able to add more than 2 million jobs in the renewable energy sector alone.

Partisanship aside, Shorten’s assertion that $2.5 trillion will be invested in renewable energy and renewable energy technologies within the Asia-Pacific market over the next 15 years or so is accurate, and it is hard to deny the fact that Australian manufacturing is so clearly poised to benefit from this massive growth should the country opt to invest in the production of all the relevant technologies required by the renewable energy sector.



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