John Pryor Rugby Philosophy: Reviewing the Benefits of a Businesslike Approach to Strength and Conditioning

John pryor strength rugbyThere are a number of striking similarities between some of the most common terminology used by business leaders and strength and conditioning coaches like John Pryor. Corporate business leaders and strength training coaches are both concerned with sustainable growth, productivity and efficiency in all aspects of their respective activities, and many of the most critical John Pryor rugby training principles can be easily adapted for use in creating an overarching business plan.

One of the more interesting developments radically altering the manner in which business leaders and athletes perceive productivity concerns the impact of rest and recovery. This is something that Pryor has known and incorporated in his training programs for quite some time, but it is only relatively recently that businesses have also caught on. While it was once the case that longer work hours were associated with greater productivity, it is now widely understood that a tireless work ethic can often be counterproductive when done to excess.

One study focusing on productivity showed that workers completed roughly the same amount of work during a six-hour workday as they did during an eight-hour workday, demonstrating that the longer hours only resulted in the employees spreading the work out over the whole of the day. It is likewise the case that employees who do not get the proper amount of rest outside of work are less productive than their well-rested counterparts. Many of these principles originated in athletic training, where coaches quickly came to the realization that there was a more efficient approach to utilize to get the results they were seeking.



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