Darren Pawski Reviews Trade Implications Following UK “Brexit” Referendum

Following the historic referendum in which voters in the United Kingdom expressed a desire to break away from the European Union, the implications of such a departure quickly became the subject of debate all over the globe. Most of the discussion centered on the status of the trade agreements with both EU member countries and non-EU countries, but the Australian government immediately took steps to ensure that the future of its trade status with the UK could not be called into question or become the focus of baseless speculation. Darren Pawski took a few moments to explain the direction Australia’s government appears headed with regard to its trade status with the United Kingdom.

A financial services expert with decades of experience within the finance industry, Pawski explained how Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made the government’s stance regarding UK trade relations quite clear. After news of the referendum reached Turnbull’s office, the prime minister made a point of reaching out to United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss the nature of the future of international trade relations between Australia and the UK.

Turnbull confirmed that he and his political counterpart in the United Kingdom intend to work closely to strike a free trade agreement as expediently as possible, pointing out that the strength of the international partnership between the two countries must be maintained. Through a speedy resolution to a free trade agreement between the two countries, it is plainly evident that both May and Turnbull intend to ensure that the longstanding international partnership between Britain and Australia continues well into the foreseeable future.



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