ACM Group on Conservation

ACM Group is a monitoring group to help protect and preserve Australia flora and fauna- to hold the social, environment, and ethical issues accountable. The organization was founded in 2015 and since its inception has been working to teach people how to plan positive outcomes of the beautiful land around them.

They look at issues affecting the conservation of flora and fauna, which is effect conservation.

ACM Group works to improve the environment and provide the community and tourist- the powerful impact of its natural beauty. Australia is full of natural wonders like- Great Barrier Reef, Shark Bay, The Pinnacles, Fraser Island, Blue Island, and many other natural places; that must be kept clean and safe.

With the disparities of climate change, many of the aquatic territories, face problematic threats and emission problems. Australia receives an unsatisfactory rating, in the category of climate change. They must deal with new emission trends, renewables, energy and carbons. There must be ways to save the environment, and plants to improve the natural wonders

There is also a kangaroo problem. The animals are leaving the Yanchep area, due to a country club. They are destroying the greens, on the golf club, moving into many residential spaces and attacking their pets, and sometimes, they spill out into traffic. ACM Group’s goal is to protect the kangaroos and find a path for them to enjoy the natural beauty of their environment.


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