A Review Of Your Photography Twitter Marketing Strategy: Is It Spruced Up?

A Review Of Your Photography Twitter Marketing Strategy: Is It Spruced Up?

Numerous digital tools empower the modern photographer to achieve greater success in Australia. This includes social media and networking platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook among others. These platforms are excellent for marketing your photography business, building a community of fans, and taking your photography profession to the next level. Let us look at ways you can leverage the power of Twitter to inject some life into your photography feeds.

1. Learn Twitter

Twitter can be an excellent tool for both business and professional growth. Numerous best practices that you can use to build a following exist. Learn how to create captivating hashtags and punchlines that make your photos stand out. There are also things such as filters and targeted business promotional campaigns that are effective in growing your following.

2. Follow big names

The most prominent photographers are serious on Twitter. They have vibrant accounts with large followings. It’s the new age of digital mentoring, and you should jump on the bandwagon. Follow your favorite photographers and keep abreast of developments and trends on their timelines. Celebrity photographers are an excellent source of inspiration. They boost your online networking efforts and expand your circle. However, also create a strategy to follow potential clients and business associates who can help you grow.

3. Connect with the younger generation and the pop culture

The youth is digital and connected. They are on top of the latest trends. They have also been socialized to learn more when humor is part of the process. They best consume information when it is packed with laughter and intriguing punchlines. Learn about using memes and visual effects. Capture and edit your photos to poke fun as a way of resonating with your target audience.

Trends in pop culture have a significant impact on the youth. Learn to ride the waves of pop trends to gain exposure and generate sales.

4. Put a spin on your photos

Create a humorous timeline around the pictures you post. Take snaps of ordinary things being used in unusual ways. Experiment with various types of photo stunts and emotion. Consider motion effects and video to augment your photos. The aim is to challenge prevailing perception and old-school thinking. You can also use derivatives such as special effects on the photos, personalized cartoon versions, and other trending strategies.

5. Use Instagram to augment your feeds

Instagram is believed to focus on making your photos achieve a significant impact. For example, it has an extensive array of filters and algorithms that enable you to identify, mark and share your shots just the way you wish. Be cautious to keep the primary focus on the Twitter account. You can use social photo sharing tools such as TwitPic to avoid redirecting your users to Instagram with every post.

6. Embrace animations and motion graphics

From created video content to gifs and various types of animations, action pieces attract more attention than stills. This is the age of video. Various animation tools are available such as Xtranormal and GoAnimate among others. Similarly, apps such as Snapseed and Camera+ make your virtual assets impress. Strive to elevate average photos into sublime pieces packed with humor, wry and satire. This increases the level of engagement and value to your followers.

7. Build a real and personable image behind the tweets

Even in the digital age, people love to connect with real people. People demand unique and targeted interactions and feedback from your account. Be engaging. Thank them for retweets and adding to the humor in your timelines as well as responding positively to mentions. The goal is to make the channel as interactive as possible to prevent excessive self-promotion.


Digital tools such as Twitter can inject life into your photos. According to Andrew Charlton, a corporate management trainer, an innovative approach is essential to sustainable success. Success on Twitter requires a resilient commitment to ethical practices and creative strategies. He believes in creating a value proposition for your followers. Give them a reason to anticipate your tweets.

Earle Burrows Interview

Earle Burrows is originally from Sydney, Australia. Born in 1989, Burrows acquired a degree in finance in 2011 from the University of Sydney. Upon graduation, Earle pursued a career in aviation and became a pilot. Today, Burrows holds a FAA Commercial Pilots License (CPL) which he achieved in Nevada, as well as his ATPL and Australian CPL.

In addition to flying, Earle enjoys photography from the sky. Most of his photography clients engage his services to photograph commercial real estate, but he also enjoys taking pictures of Australia’s beautiful scenery while flying.

Earle enjoys playing tennis with his friends and plays the guitar in his spare time. Burrows also volunteers at Mission Australia, a non-denominational Christian community service organization.

What do you work for?

I work to create a lifestyle that I am happy about. I love to fly. I love to take pictures. So, I started a business that allows me to do both.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in the field which you currently work?

Passion. If today were my last day on earth, I would want to go flying.

In what way does your professional role make it possible for you to have a positive impact on others?

Photographers capture and document specific moments in time and in people’s lives. Any event where I am invited to join, I like to take photographs. Whether it’s a hike, traveling, parties, weddings, you name it. I like to be the person with a camera who documents everything.

What is it that you enjoy most about living in Sydney, Australia?

It’s hard to just list one thing. Sydney has been good to me and the city life really suites me. I particularly love being close to Bondi Beach.

What do you do for recreation?

I like to spend time outdoors to center myself and unwind. And Australia has so many great reasons to be outside, there’s always something new to discover.

If you could travel anywhere outside of Australia, where would you go and why?

I would go to Italy because I love Italian food and I have always wanted to see Tuscany.

Aussie rules football, cricket, rugby or something else?

Aussie rules a lot of things. Australia has some of the most captivating wildlife in the world, great people, and of course, football.

Is there an Australian you admire or who has had a profound influence on you personally or professionally? Explain.

I think Andrew Forrest is an incredibly motivational person. He’s done so much for philanthropy and continues to serve the least fortunate in the global society. He also lives generously and continues to give away large amounts of his income.

What advice would you give to a first-time visitor to Australia?

Take it all in. Don’t plan too many activities and really explore the places you go. Be sure and get out to the beaches.

What is the funniest or strangest question a tourist has ever asked you about Australia?

People always ask about which way the water circulates when you flush the toilet, but I’ve also gotten hilarious questions about the animals and wildlife. There is a common conception that the wildlife in Australia is just outrageously dangerous, and the things people say are quite funny.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Brand Building

Brand building has clear benefits for small business. Businesses can enjoy enhanced customer loyalty and differentiate themselves from the competition. Having a successful brand in your portfolio increases the value of your company. It creates long-term business value that you can leverage for years with a lower marketing budget. Also, it provides an opportunity for a business to cushion its inventories against price fluctuations.

Additionally, a branding campaign may be just what you need after a major restructuring including a face change and new mission statements. On the consumer side, a strong brand is easily memorable and means less risk on their products. It means quicker decision making when purchasing a product or service from the brand and a confidence in the quality that the brand stands for. Brand identity is an opportunity to identify with a trendy name that shares consumer values.

A well-established brand stirs recognition from the consumer. It creates a seamless connection between the consumer product and the brand. Consumers associate your brand with the effectiveness to sort out their needs and wants. The satisfaction with the brand grows with time to become second nature. At this time, the brand becomes synonymous with the product. For example, referencing soda as Coke; when a consumer orders a soda, then expect a Coke.

In order to obtain long-term success from your brands, it is important to position key values that resonate with the target market for a long time. Employ strategic and targeted branding campaigns that can be scaled to any size of business. Brands should also be flexible enough to evolve and keep up with the trends. Additionally, brands should remain consistent in both presentation and product quality. One powerful method to create a strong brand is to ingeniously fuse the power of traditional marketing methods with the power and capacity of cutting edge technologies.

Your digital brand speaks volume about you. Apps like Ask Bongo use your digital footprint, especially social media, to make fun on users. Similarly, expect your digital brand to be the premise on which people know you. Most people judge your digital brand as your reputation. If you have a dull presence, your reputation is deemed dull too.

The brand building process enables you to create long lasting relationships with consumers. This establishes feedback channels, which are essential in strengthening the brand. Consistency is key to ensuring memorable brands. Strive to harmonize the presentation across the product life cycle including concept narrative, production, marketing, quality control and sales. If the company carries several brands, make sure consumers can differentiate between the various brands and the corporate identity.

An innovative brand building strategy is an exceptional way to help you focus on delivering quality and value to the consumer. It is also a brilliant way to market premium products. This opens up more business opportunities that the company can exploit for growth. In addition, strong brands are able to ride out market volatility that causes fluctuations in pricing. They deliver a strong value message that supports a premium pricing strategy.

Economic View of The Rise of Online Retailers In Australia

If there is one constant in the world, it is that things change. This is true with economics, and this truth has a big impact on retailers in Australia who are preparing to work alongside online retailers with more and more presence and weight in the consumer economy. There is no use resisting change; it happens whether we like it or not. Retailers who are upset about a future which includes more and more online shopping options will be fighting a loosing battle. A far better strategy than using up valuable energy with resistance is to embrace change and be as prepared as possible.

Economists have seen that change happens at a faster pace in modern times than it did in times past. The economy is closely tied to issues such as transportation, technology, and global political climate. We have seen that the global stage is one that is intricate and interwoven.

Many factors influence the way our global community works, and those factors are not easily spotted at first glance. For example, more than half of the worlds 7 billion people currently have the internet, and people are coming online at a rate of approximately .2 billion per year.

This trend is not expected to stop anytime soon. Successful economists have the ability to look at big picture trends such as globalization and increased technology, and assess how they will effect business owners.

One thing is very clear. Online retail is a growing trend, and we can’t expect it to stop anytime soon. This means that brick and mortar stores must adapt and work along side online retailers. Retailers fear that they will be overrun by online mega-stores like Amazon. Sellers note the phenomenon of “show-rooming”, where customers use a physical store to try on goods, and then go home and buy them online.

At first glance, this sounds like it is all related to price. One might assume that the shopper goes home in order to find the best deal. However, this is not as it first seems. In a study conducted by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, researchers found that shoppers cited customer care as a reason for shopping online, rather than price point. The shoppers felt that they weren’t treated well in the store, and did not want to give the store their business. Improving the customer experience is one way that retailers can put forth a great effort to win client loyalty.

The online retailing trend will also bring us closer as a global community. In the future, nationalism will take a back seat when it comes to commerce. The internet is a global phenomenon which connects people, including those who wish to do business. Technology makes the world smaller, in a sense. Instead of fighting change, retailers can recognize the benefits of eCommerce, and begin to work in ways that complement it.

Retail outlets and online stores can mutually aid each other. Progress will happen, regardless. As economic expert Andrew Charlton stated, “The world is split between those who want to save the planet and those who want to save themselves.” This is indeed true when it comes to the rise of online retailers. Australian retailers will be split between those who want to work towards the progress of the planet, and those who want to stick with the old ways, no matter what. Those who struggle against the current might find themselves loosing energy at a very fast rate.

Proven Techniques For Improving Internal Communication In An Organization

Managers spend more than 50 percent of their time sending and receiving communication within an organization. This means there is need to embrace strategies that can help them to enhance efficiency in the communication process. Communication is a vital process that helps an organization to manage its plans and strategies, so in the absence of an efficient technique the organization could miss out on many developmental ideas that could be passed from employees and other subordinates. To ensure there is a streamlined communication process in an organization, below are techniques that managers should put in application.

Make “sticky” information accessible

Every organization keeps a set of internal knowledge, also known as “sticky” information, which all employees can benefit from. Learning how the organization does things for a new employee can take time, so to get a clear picture of its best practices the managers should make available a report of how different processes work. This would help employees understand this information faster by presenting it together with the training programs that prepare them for various roles. It is advisable to create an internal document that can be shared among all employees for purposes of reference making.

Make the vision and mission clear

As a manager, you should also take time to explain the mission and values of the organization. This can be offered together with corporate training as a reminder to employees of what they are expected to engage in. Having a unified team that understands the goals of the organization improves efficiency and ensures employees work with each other more effectively.

Strengthen connections

Additionally, for an organization to thrive there should be a connection between team members, employees and managers. This link ensures there is joint effort in all the activities that take place within the organization and the final result is a harmonized management process that leads to higher levels of productivity. When employees feel their managers consider them an important part of the organization, they will feel connected and exude confidence in all their operations within and outside the organization.

Encourage sharing of information

As an organization that is focused on improving communication, it is advisable to have an online sharing platform where employees, their managers and team leaders can interact on various topics. Employees will show an endeavor to stay connected in this process since it offers them a chance to share information that affects them. As Grace Lever advises, this will create a purpose in the communication process and will make sharing of valuable insights easy across all levels. There are also online management tools that can be used to track the progress of projects, so managers don’t necessarily need to engage teams physically. It saves time and eliminates a lot of paperwork.

Create an open dialogue

In case there are changes made to the organization that could affect future progress and plans, you should keep everyone up-to-date. Allow all employees to share ideas and their feedback to understand what they feel about the changes and how this would affect their moods at the workplace.

ACM Group on Conservation

ACM Group is a monitoring group to help protect and preserve Australia flora and fauna- to hold the social, environment, and ethical issues accountable. The organization was founded in 2015 and since its inception has been working to teach people how to plan positive outcomes of the beautiful land around them.

They look at issues affecting the conservation of flora and fauna, which is effect conservation.

ACM Group works to improve the environment and provide the community and tourist- the powerful impact of its natural beauty. Australia is full of natural wonders like- Great Barrier Reef, Shark Bay, The Pinnacles, Fraser Island, Blue Island, and many other natural places; that must be kept clean and safe.

With the disparities of climate change, many of the aquatic territories, face problematic threats and emission problems. Australia receives an unsatisfactory rating, in the category of climate change. They must deal with new emission trends, renewables, energy and carbons. There must be ways to save the environment, and plants to improve the natural wonders

There is also a kangaroo problem. The animals are leaving the Yanchep area, due to a country club. They are destroying the greens, on the golf club, moving into many residential spaces and attacking their pets, and sometimes, they spill out into traffic. ACM Group’s goal is to protect the kangaroos and find a path for them to enjoy the natural beauty of their environment.

Dymphna Boholt on Alternative Options for Securing Small Business Capital

Small business ventures play a sizable role in economies all over the world. In the United States, for example, small businesses represent 99 percent of all businesses operating within the country. Despite the critical role played by small businesses, the overwhelming majority of small business ventures find it difficult to secure much-needed capital through the traditional methods. According to Dymphna Boholt, recent technological advancements might be essential in ensuring that small business ventures are no longer so obviously underfunded.

The principal issue with securing small business capital is not related to the view of traditional lenders with regard to the economic importance of small businesses or the risks associated with lending to a small business. The issue appears to be the costs associated with underwriting these loans, as the traditional methodologies for underwriting a small business loan are too expensive to be worthwhile from the perspective of a lender. Boholt believes that technological advancements can solve this issue and will thus enable small businesses to secure the capital they need to thrive.

With recent technological developments, a digital lending platform can take the place of banks in meeting the lending needs of small businesses. Through the use of currently available technology, such a lending program could efficiently function as an extender of loans to small businesses that would not have otherwise had access to this kind of capital through a traditional lender. According to some estimates, digital lending platforms may soon take up as much as a fifth of the total market share of lending, which means there currently exists a significant opportunity for small businesses to take advantage of the availability of capital due to recent technological advances.

Darren Pawski Reviews Trade Implications Following UK “Brexit” Referendum

Following the historic referendum in which voters in the United Kingdom expressed a desire to break away from the European Union, the implications of such a departure quickly became the subject of debate all over the globe. Most of the discussion centered on the status of the trade agreements with both EU member countries and non-EU countries, but the Australian government immediately took steps to ensure that the future of its trade status with the UK could not be called into question or become the focus of baseless speculation. Darren Pawski took a few moments to explain the direction Australia’s government appears headed with regard to its trade status with the United Kingdom.

A financial services expert with decades of experience within the finance industry, Pawski explained how Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made the government’s stance regarding UK trade relations quite clear. After news of the referendum reached Turnbull’s office, the prime minister made a point of reaching out to United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss the nature of the future of international trade relations between Australia and the UK.

Turnbull confirmed that he and his political counterpart in the United Kingdom intend to work closely to strike a free trade agreement as expediently as possible, pointing out that the strength of the international partnership between the two countries must be maintained. Through a speedy resolution to a free trade agreement between the two countries, it is plainly evident that both May and Turnbull intend to ensure that the longstanding international partnership between Britain and Australia continues well into the foreseeable future.

Andrew Charlton Explains the Economic Dangers of Political Gridlock

Although there are surely many varied reasons and explanations, the contentious tone and sheer anger evident in the elections and policy debates occurring all over the globe exists as one of the most striking similarities among a diverse group of countries. In many systems of government, Andrew Charlton notes, policy debates have become incredibly divisive and often fall strictly along partisan lines. This leads to tactics of obstruction designed to either stall or undermine the effectiveness of any policy, resulting in political gridlock.

The public living under these systems of governance has grown increasingly frustrated, and rightly so. What is most problematic, however, is the potentially devastating and long-lasting economic impact that could be caused by this kind of political gridlock. As Charlton said, the instability associated with political gridlock rarely inspires the confidence of businesses looking to make a secure and long-term investment. With the confidence of the business sector completely undermined due to political gridlock, the strength of the economy is sure to be negatively affected.

Australia serves as a notable example, particularly since it is a country that is largely reliant on capital. Should businesses and investors grow concerned over political instability, investment in new enterprise and reinvestment in existing enterprise will decline rather sharply. Combined with the likelihood of the end of the housing boom and the growing concerns over currency adjustment, the current strength of the Australian economy could be significantly weakened in relatively short order. The consequences of a weakened economy, however, will last far longer.

Fortunately, there are measures available to prevent these adverse circumstances from coming to pass. It is simply necessary for governments the world over to recognize the instability being caused by political gridlock and the declining trust of the public that stems from that gridlock. Clearly, there are few who benefit from governmental instability, so it is therefore in the best interests of everyone to bring back stable and effective governance.

Ironfish Review Compares Smartphones To Real Estate

ironfish review phone real estateIf you have a smartphone, most likely you cherish this intelligent device as it is the tool you use to do just about everything in your day-to-day life. Our smartphones have become the swiss army knife of life, that surviving nowadays without one is hard to imagine. Being as important to our daily functions as they are, many designers and businesses around have taken their approach of creating covers and cases to protect our phones from fatal or mere cosmetic damages.

Ironfish review put it this way: Think of your phone as a piece of real estate that you have invested much time and capital in. As it is with real estate, your life is in your device. Many people who have invested time and money into real estate to fix it up and then sell it at a higher value, just as they do with smartphones; so although it is an odd comparison, one can see the similarities in how your phone is like a piece of real estate that should be protected.